User Journeys Infographic Template

User Journeys Infographic

Visualize your users with this user journeys timeline infographic template.

Study and understand your user base, improve your products and services, improve retention and increase revenue. It all starts with this user journey timeline infographic template! We have really cool icons, including neatly illustrated avatars that you can use to represent your client segments. Check out the icon library, browse by category or apply your search terms in the search bar. You’re bound to find the perfect icons for you. You can also add lines and shapes to plot points along your user journey map. Then use different icons to signify each stage or step that your users take. In minutes you’ll have a clear and captivating visual representation of how your user interacts with your business and services. Identify what you’re doing well, where you can improve and more. Is this the unique template you’ve always been looking for? To see more timeline templates like this one, check out our templates library!